NanoByte.Common  2.10.5
NanoByte.Common.Net.CachedCredentialProvider Class Reference

Caching decorator for ICredentialProviders. More...

Inheritance diagram for NanoByte.Common.Net.CachedCredentialProvider:

Public Member Functions

 CachedCredentialProvider (ICredentialProvider inner)
 Creates a new caching decorator. More...
NetworkCredential? GetCredential (Uri uri, string? authType)
void ReportInvalid (Uri uri)
 Report that the credentials that were retrieved for uri were incorrect.

Detailed Description

Caching decorator for ICredentialProviders.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CachedCredentialProvider()

NanoByte.Common.Net.CachedCredentialProvider.CachedCredentialProvider ( ICredentialProvider  inner)

Creates a new caching decorator.

innerThe inner ICredentialProvider to wrap.

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