NanoByte.Common 2.10.6
NanoByte.Common.Net.UriExtensions Class Reference

Provides extension methods for Uris. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static string ToStringRfc (this Uri uri)
 An alternate version of Uri.ToString that produces results escaped according to RFC 2396.
static Uri EnsureTrailingSlash (this Uri uri)
 Adds a trailing slash to the URI if it does not already have one.
static Uri ReparseAsAbsolute (this Uri uri)
 Reparses a URI (generated via conversion) to ensure it is a valid absolute URI.
static string GetLocalFileName (this Uri uri)
 Extracts the file-name portion of an URI and ensures it is a valid file-name on the local OS.
static Uri GetBaseUri (this Uri uri)
 Extracts the base part of an URI, i.e., the part that is used for resolving relative URIs.

Detailed Description

Provides extension methods for Uris.

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