NanoByte.Common 2.11.0
NanoByte.Common.Undo.ICommandExecutor Interface Reference

Executes IUndoCommands. More...

Inheritance diagram for NanoByte.Common.Undo.ICommandExecutor:
NanoByte.Common.Undo.CommandCollector NanoByte.Common.Undo.ICommandManager< T > NanoByte.Common.Undo.SimpleCommandExecutor NanoByte.Common.Undo.CommandManager< T >

Public Member Functions

void Execute (IUndoCommand command)
 Executes an IUndoCommand and stores it for later undo-operations. More...


string? Path [get]
 The path of the file the data structure being modified was loaded from. null if none.

Detailed Description

Executes IUndoCommands.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Execute()

void NanoByte.Common.Undo.ICommandExecutor.Execute ( IUndoCommand  command)

Executes an IUndoCommand and stores it for later undo-operations.

commandThe command to be executed.

Implemented in NanoByte.Common.Undo.CommandCollector, NanoByte.Common.Undo.CommandManager< T >, and NanoByte.Common.Undo.SimpleCommandExecutor.

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