NanoByte.Common  2.9.0
Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NCommonGeneric utility classes, interfaces, etc. that are applicable to a wide range of different applications. NuGet: NanoByte.Common
 NCollectionsSpecialized collection types supplementing System.Collections.Generic
 NControlsWinForms controls and forms designed to simplify common UI designs. NuGet: NanoByte.Common.WinForms
 NDispatchFunctionality like double dispatch and two/three-way merging
 NDrawingHelpers for manipulating images. NuGet: NanoByte.Common.WinForms
 NInfoData structures providing diagnostic information about the application, the operating system, etc.
 NNativeUtility classes that provide OS-specific helper functions
 NNetNetwork communication
 NStorageFile system access and serialization
 NStreamsFilter streams and utility classes with helper functions for stream handling
 NTasksManage long-running tasks and track their progress
 NThreadingHelpers for working with threads
 NUndoAn Undo-system based on the Command pattern
 NValuesData structures and helpers for Value Types
 CDisposableInvokes a callback on Dispose
 CEncodingUtilsHelper methods for hashing and Base16/32/64 encoding/decoding
 CExceptionUtilsProvides helper methods related to Exceptions
 CICloneableSupports cloning
 CIHighlightColorAn object that can be highlighted with a specific color in graphical representations
 CINamedAn entity that has a unique name that can be used for identification in lists and trees
 CNamedStatic companion for INamed
 CLogSends log messages to custom handlers or the console. Additionally writes to System.Diagnostics.Debug, an in-memory buffer and a plain text file
 CMathUtilsProvides math-related utility functions
 CNotAdminExceptionLike a UnauthorizedAccessException but with the additional hint that retrying the operation as an administrator would fix the problem
 CProcessUtilsProvides methods for launching child processes
 CPropertyPointerWraps delegate-based access to a value as a property
 CStagedOperationCommon base class for operations that are first staged and then either committed or rolled back
 CStringUtilsProvides additional or simplified string functions
 CTimedLogEventStructure that allows you to log timed execution blocks
 CUpdateUtilsProvides neat little code-shortcuts for updating properties
 CAnsiCliHelper methods for ANSI console rendering