Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NCommonGeneric utility classes, interfaces, etc. that are applicable to a wide range of different applications. NuGet: NanoByte.Common
 NCliClasses for interacting with the user via the Console and for controlling external command-line applications
 NCollectionsSpecialized collection types supplementing System.Collections.Generic
 NControlsWinForms controls and forms designed to simplify common UI designs. NuGet: NanoByte.Common.WinForms
 NDispatchFunctionality like double dispatch and two/three-way merging
 NInfoData structures providing diagnostic information about the application, the operating system, etc.
 NNativeUtility classes that provide OS-specific helper functions
 NNetClasses for network communication
 NStorageClasses for data storage and serialization (XML and binary)
 NStreamsFilter streams and utility classes with helper functions for stream handling
 NTasksClasses for tracking the progress of background tasks
 NUndoAn Undo-system based on the Command pattern
 NValuesData structures and helpers for Value Types
 NDesignTypeConverters used for serialization and to provide a better runtime experience when using WinForms PropertyGrids. NuGet: NanoByte.Common.WinForms